Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"Hitchcock Actress" Dies

Interestingly, many reports of Kasey Rogers' death identified her as a "Hitchcock Actress." While she did act in director Alfred Hitchcock's great film Strangers on a Train, Rogers -- who in her mature years was also a regular on the television show Bewitched -- is not who you might think of when you think "Hitchcock actress." Grace Kelly immediately springs to mind. Eva Marie Saint. Kim Novac. Janet Leigh. Even Tippi Hedren. But not Kasey Rogers (who used the screen name Laura Elliott when she appeared in Strangers on a Train). The "Hitchcock actress" had a certain look (statuesque blonde) and attitude (no nonsense). Still, Rogers remains one of the most memorable victims in a Hitchcock film. Perhaps it was her wholesome 1950s look. Perhaps it was the fact that she was at a carnival when she's strangled in the film. Regardless, as Farley Granger's estranged wife, Miriam, who is murdered by a psychotic man Granger meets while riding a train, Rogers brought an immediate empathy to her character. Ironically, like the type of mystery Hitchcock put on screen, fans of the actress wondered about the sudden disappearance of "Laura Elliott" when Rogers started using her given name instead. She was 80.

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