Saturday, July 01, 2006


Is It Real or Is It...Kids?

It's been just over ten years since Larry Clark's impressive debut film Kids (1995) stunned the movie industry with its all-too-realistic portrayal of a group of street kids living in the age of AIDS. When I first saw this film (on video) I watched it twice. I couldn't believe it was a work of fiction. I remember remarking then that either these were the best young actors ever, or it had to be a documentary. I still don't know how director Clark was able to maneuver his camera throughout this action so unobtrusively, and still manage to garner such believable, honest, and understated performances from such young actors (including a then-unknown Chloe Sevigny). If you haven't seen the film, I urge you to watch it. Its power comes from the lines it blurs right in front of your eyes.

Yes, Kids was very good. I saw it on the big screen back in the 90's in small-town Connecticut.
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