Sunday, July 16, 2006


Is This the Future of Hollywood (Based on this Year's Trends)?

A mega-budgeted Christian-themed cartoon that opens in churches before it goes wide to a record number of theaters on Memorial Day weekend, with the hopes of shattering boxoffice records! If current trends hold...that will be the golden ring every studio will be reaching for very soon. After nearly a year of observing the machination of the industry from a trench POV, "Movies on My Mind" has identified the following three trends which seem to have taken hold of Hollywood (at least for now) until three more replace them down the line.
3- The Animation Explosion. There are more feature length animated films being produced with more A-list talent than ever in the history of cinema. And there's no end in sight. Many of these films routinely finish in the top ten of the year. (Although given the sheer volume of them now, some do flop.) However, studios count on the audience drawing power of these films more than ever. It's no longer just a kid's genre.
2- Tent Pole Films (Without the Tent). Hollywood used to make movies. Lots of movies. Then, in the age of the blockbuster, it still made lots of films, but focused much of its money on the select few that would "open" the summer season or the Thanksgiving weekend. Now, it seems to have forgotten about the rest and ONLY focuses on the so called "tent pole" films (think Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman Returns, King Kong) but the tent is gone. (Witness Disney's recent move to streamline its staff and future slate of films to focus exclusively on huge brand name product. Effectively what Disney would like to do, it seems,h is just make three Pirates-sized hits a year!) But remember, when an exposed pole flops, it flops BIG!!
1- Christians. The number one trend n Hollywood is Christians? Yes. Studios are marketing to the faithful more than ever. Films play churches before they hit theaters. Christian themes are popping up in tons of films. Christian production companies are forming to create more and more film product. Ironically, Hollywood, once the very embodiment of a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah for this group of believers, has now become their revival meeting place of choice!
So, that said, don't be surprised if next year on Memorial Day weekend you are waiting in line to see The Passion of the Mice: Mickey Goes Messiah! battle it out with Donuts: The Last Temptation of Homer Simpson.

The Christian thing is so 2005.
That's because Christians aren't staying home listening to the radio anymore...they are at the theater!
That might be!
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