Friday, July 21, 2006


The Lost Screenplay of Cesar J. Cruz

I have lost touch with my friend Cesar Cruz. He was one of the funniest people I knew. Last I heard, he was headed down to Florida to be with a woman who captured his heart while on a cruise. I think of my friend often, and hope he's doing well. One day, when both of us were just out of college, on my doorstep, I found an envelope and a note from Cesar. Turns out, he had been working on a screenplay and wanted me to read it. The note read, in part: "Hello old friend. No, I'm not dead. I would've called earlier, but I got a part-time job in the French Foreign Legion, serving in Samoa. (Cute girl, that Samoa. Frankly, I don't know how she managed all of us.) Enclosed, please find my child. This creation took me about a year to get it to this rough first draft. Please read it with care." The screenplay was called The Crusaders. It was clearly ahead of its time. In it, Cesar had recast the apostles of Jesus Christ as a spiritual band of Superfriends -- a universal Justice League, fighting the evil of Satan around the globe. It was filled with battles and razzle dazzle. The reluctant group leader, Peter, unaware of his mission, pieces it together bit-by-bit, as he's called into service. Given the current resurgence in superheroes and the overwhelming interest in all things Christian, this screenplay would be sure to be produced today. I hope Cesar still has a copy. I hope somehow he reads this. And I hope he makes a killing!

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