Thursday, July 27, 2006


My Son's Directorial Debut

My six (soon-to-be seven) year old son has been talking about wanting to make a movie. It thrills me to think that he is this interested in film at his age. I asked him to explain his movie to me. While it still doesn't have much of a plot, he knows that it opens on a swamp in outer space. He's cast me as a Super Dad who works at a buffet. And he has a role planned for himself as well. Somewhere along the line, Elmo (from Sesame Street) and Billy Joel show up. Quite avant garde, I realize. But the fact that he's thinking of fimmaking at all has me beaming. Clearly, my love for film has begun to rub off on him. Upon hearing my son's plans, my daughter, who published a book in her class last year, would like to see her book adapted to film as well! My children and I have a summer vacation coming up. Perhaps we will attempt to begin to make these movies then.

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