Saturday, July 22, 2006


The Queen of Art Houses

The Angelika Film Center in New York City, remains one of the few places in the country were truly independent films, European imports, and art house favs can still find a home. Often, films playing at the Angelika are playing nowhere else in the city. I pass the theater regularly on my way out to see my children every week, and I am often amazed at the obscurity of the titles playing there. Seeing the posters advertised outside the theater gives me hope that a small film can still find an audience in a theater, and not have to be regulated to DVD or cable. I'm encouraged that the Angelika still survives in this time of broad corporate control, where even the greatest of filmmakers (ie Scorsese, Coppola) must make films by committee. Ironically, the New York location is one of three Angelikas currently operated by a subsidiary of Citadel Holding Corporation, a real estate and entertainment company, whose shares are traded on AMEX. Still, for film to truly remain an art form, there must always be an Angelika-type theater championing the little guy, the unknown, the slighted and the ugly. All these have a place in the world of cinema as well.

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