Saturday, July 15, 2006


Searching for an Oh! in Ohio

Move over Pink Flamingos, this film has all the ear marks of a future cult classic. The Oh in Ohio, is the last film you'd expect to see playing at the local movie house in Ohio. All about the big Oh (and no, in this case, I don't mean, the film follows the journey of frustrated wife Priscilla (played by Parker Posey) who, after having had sex with her husband thousands of times, has never had an orgasm. And so, Priscilla begins a quest to discover the ellusive Oh! Along the way, she runs into an eager lesbian (played by Heather Graham), a widowed swimming pool builder (Danny DeVito) and takes a course in masturabtion taught by...Liza Minnelli! It sounds like The Wizard of Oz through the lens of Russ Meyers! (Only in this case, if you pulled the curtain, er...skirt, aside, you'd find a cell phone -- on vibrate of course -- stuck in a pair of panties!) Too bad the glory days of midnight showings are a thing of the past. This one would be a natural!

Hey! There are progressive areas of Ohio! This would probably show every nicely in Cleveland!

There are actually some really nice art film houses in Cincinnati that will eat this up! It will probably just take six months to get here.
This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

Two vibrators up!
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