Friday, July 07, 2006


Stranger Than Fiction

Here's a movie idea I'm surprised some low budget film producer never thought of doing. In September 1996, while I was doing press relations for IBM, I was waiting for a reporter to show up and an article in USA Today caught my eye. A family and friends visiting the spot where Susan Smith drowned her two little boys in John D. Long Lake, in Union, South Carolina, met with tragedy themselves when their vehicle rolled into the same lake! Three adults and four children drowned. Here's the facts: A group of 10 had driven out to the lake and parked next to the ramp with their Chevrolet Suburban's headlights shining on two memorials erected to the Smith boys, 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex. Five of the group had gotten out of the vehicle when it started to roll toward the water with four children and an adult inside. It passed between the memorial markers, knocked over a young tree planted in the Smith boys' memory and slid down the embankment into about 15 feet of water. Two adults - parents of three of the children - dived into the lake to help, and drowned with the others. What a great idea for a movie, I thought! Based on a true story! Death Lake! Blood Lake! The Lake Where Evil Dwells! The plot line seemed like an exploitation natural!The lake is cursed, drawing people to their death. And we discover the source of the curse is the fact that years earlier, innocent victims were drowned in the very same lake! To date, no one seems to have made this film. But I guarantee, especially with the current resurgence in horror films, if someone did, this one would be a money maker!

That's a spooky story. Never heard that in the news.. Good post..
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