Friday, July 28, 2006


Way Back in the 80s

It's kinda scary that I remember Miami Vice, which opens today, as both a contemporary TV show, and now, a retro theatrical film. Interesting to me is the fact that this may be the first and only time that the creator of a TV program (in this case Michael Mann) also ended up directing the film adaptation of that program. Having mined most of the campy TV fare from the 60s and the goofy shows from the 70s, it seems as we get closer and closer to 2010, the 80s has now become the dacade of choice for film adaptations. By 2010, the 80s will officially be 30 years old!! If Miami Vice scores, will we be seeing Hill Street Blues: The Movie or St Elsewhere coming to the big screen as well? Anyone for a big screen reunion of Cheers, The Wonder Years or The Cosby Show?

The best thing about this movie being released is that radio stations have been playing wonderful music from the show. Which means a lot of Phil Collins and Glenn Frey!
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