Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Batman Begins (Again)

Essentially confirming that Christopher Nolan's take on the Batman legend, Batman Begins, has truly started the film franchise anew, it was just announced that Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger (of Brokeback Mountain fame) has been cast to play The Joker, opposite Christian Bale's Batman in what will be a remake of the original Tim Burton film entitled The Dark Knight. The Burton film was to have taken its cues from the Frank Miller graphic novel back in 1989, but instead went off in the direction of its quirky director. Nolan has claimed the Batman franchise as his own, after Joel Schumacher's attempts at the legend nearly finished off the series. Although Ledger, like Jack Nicholson and Caesar Romero before him, does not seem The Joker type physically, I have no doubt, in the hands of Nolan, The Dark Knight will deliver the goods.

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