Monday, September 11, 2006


9/11 Movies to Date

To date, five years now after the event itself, there have been only four 9/11 features produced (not counting documentaries): The Guys (bravely leading the way in 2002) and three this year, the TV movie Flight 93, United 93 (originally titled Flight 93) and Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. So, where do we go from here? There are millions of stories to tell, and talented filmmakers waiting to tell them. The question is, will boxoffice returns support further films? None of the films to date have been blockbusters. Some might argue that not enough time has passed, but I dismiss that argument. Plenty of time has passed. No event in recent history has galvanized the country like 9/11. It's time to filter that day through the lens of some of our great filmmakers and let the human emotion spill out on screen. Politics aside, 9/11, if nothing else, is a day filled with personal stories, stories that are tailor-made for the screen. There are many more to tell, just as WWII and Vietnam supplied some of the greatest films ever made, so to will 9/11, when filmmakers and studios stop worrying about whether it's too early and start getting down to creating great drama.

I read recently that a film was being made (or is already made I forget which) about the chaplain who died that day. I believe it called "The saint of 9/11" or something to that effect. No doubt this story will be told from many different angles.
Does a 9/11 movie have to be a blockbuster? Nothing can be as powerful as the day itself..
This is the one 'ohio girl' mentioned.

'Saint of 9/11' presents the turbulent, restless, spiritual and remarkable journey of Father Mychal Judge. Compassionate champion of the needy and forgotten, a beloved Fire Department Chaplain, rousing Irish-American balladeer and iconoclast, Father Judge was a humble parish priest who wrestled with his own private demons while touching others in powerful and miraculous ways.
No posts since last monday, 9/11? Come on!!
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