Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Five Reasons Why Rocky Balboa Will Do Huge Business

5. Rocky fans, who made Part IV the most popular of the series, don't want Part V to be the last vision of their hero. The core audience will flock to Part VI. Why will they flock? Stallone has returned to the formula (which he abandoned in part V) and the formula works!
4. Children of Rocky fans (too young to even remember Part V in the theaters) will flock as well, just to say they saw a Rocky film in the theaters.
3. Adrienne is dead. Fans want to know how Stallone will deal with this.
2. Retro is always in. Rocky at 60? Even if it doesn't work (which it will) people are curious. What do you think made Return to Mayberry the number one TV movie the year it came out? People love "where are they now?" stories.
1. We need a hero. In these tense times, where there seems to be NO heroes on either side, America is ready to re-crown the one they once loved.

I think Rocky will do OK in the box office, not huge business. The opening weekend will be modest, but if the reviews are good, it will go on to be an average hit.
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