Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The Late, Great Bruno Kirby

The great character actor Bruno Kirby died on August 14, at the age of 57 (while this column was on hiatus). Born Bruno Giovanni Quidaciolu Jr., his role as Harry's friend Jess in ...When Harry Met Sally is simply one of the best supporting performances ever recorded on film. If you watch the film, you will realize that the rhythm between Kirby an Billy Crystal is acting perfection. He never misses a beat. And is very funny! In The Super, he played the son of Richard Castellano, who just the year before had played Clemenza in The Godfather. Kirby went on to play the young Clemenza the very next year in The Godfather Part II. He teamed once again with Billy Crystal in the fish-out-of-water comedy, City Slickers. There is no question his talent will be missed.

He was a good actor. Good personality.

I'd like to hear more about upcoming films, like the ones you referred to yesterday... Looks like this fall is gonna be a great time to hit the theater.
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