Saturday, September 16, 2006


My Son's Super Birthday Party

I had a birthday party for my son today. His birthday was actually last week, but, when you're a divorced Dad, sometimes, you need to shoot for the closest weekend. Anyway, I asked him what he wanted the theme of his party to be and he said, "The Super Friends." I had introduced him to the 70s animated series that I had enjoyed as a child via DVD several months ago. As part of a very long list of specific decorations (let me tell you, Super Friends decorations are not easy to find), types of foods (a chocolate birthday cake, with chocolate mousse icing, chocolate ice cream in the middle, and chocolate sprinkles on top) and people to invite, he also made sure to tell me we needed to have a Super Friends movie to watch at the party. Well, you must know by now that this item made me smile. I've pointed out on here numerous times before how great it makes me feel that movies -- which have always been a source of enjoyment for me -- are now a fun part of my children's lives as well. I made sure there was a Super Friends DVD for viewing, and he had a ball, as did his little guests! (Ok, me too, and some of my friends as well!)

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