Saturday, October 07, 2006


The Illusionist Works On Screen Magic

A day after seeing the first great film of 2006 (The Departed) I saw another. The Illusionist, starring Edward Norton is a brilliantly woven tale of perception and reality, of politics and greed, of passion and belief, of deception and ethics. Much in the way The Departed deals with themes of the duality in human nature, so too here we are thrust into a tale that forces us to think on a number of levels and has us question not only the power of perception and manipulation, but leaves us with an uncertainty about who in fact to trust. (As with The Departed, a resonate theme these days). Artistically, every aspect of The Illusionist work in concert beautifully. Highly recommended. It's interesting to note, this is the first of two magician films this year: the other -- Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, also boasting a great cast, opens later in the year, following the second Capote film within a year as well. Hollywood really should have better communication. Regardless, this one deserves your attention and the attention of the Academy as well. The Fall film season just keeps getting better and better.

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