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A Modern Day "Good Night and Good Luck" Playing on You Tube

Last year, George Clooney caused a stir with this black & white film Good Night and Good Luck, which dramatized Edward R. Murrow's series of broadcasted editorial attacks on Senator Joe McCarthy's blacklisting trials. Today, a modern version of that brave journalistic move is playing out on, as the supporters of Keith Olbermann's editorials on the Bush administration have been rebroadcasting the MSNBC anchor's pieces on the Internet for all to see. If you haven't already seen or heard these editorials (which will no doubt one day become historic), you should. No doubt, in years to come, a film will mark this moment as well and dramatize the words of Olbermann, just as Clooney did for Murrow.

Readers of Movies on my mind Unfortunatly our beloved writer of this blog past away on wednesday October 25 just a mere 2 days after his 40th birthday. As his friend of 35 years I can tell I write this with a heavy heart today. He was like a brother to me. We had been there in good times and in bad. He will be sorely missed. Respectfully,
Paul Icolari
"The Rocky Psychic"
Rest In Peace My Friend
OMG, I'm so sorry...
It is still hard to believe that my good friend, Anthony Montesano, passed away this Wednesday at the young age of 40.

Anthony and I had dinner this Tuesday at the Frontier diner on East 39th and Lexington, where he showed me page-by-page the current issue of Forest Hills Celebrity & Entertainment magazine. This was the latest in a number of publications Anthony created. While sitting in a booth and sipping coffee, Anthony said he was most proud of this magazine.

I first met Anthony P. Montesano (known by most friends as "Monty") at United Entertainment Media. We worked together there for four years. At the company, Anthony was director of the custom publishing division. He created a number of magazines including the unique Park City Digital Report, TriBeCa Digital Report, and Telluride Digital Report. Anthony always managed to incorporate his love of movies into his work projects. During this time, Anthony and I were regulars at Bella Napoli, a fantastic italian restaurant & pizzeria on Madison and 31st. We usually stayed there for hours talking about everything from movies and music to politics, religion and spirituality. Anything and everything was up for discussion, and debate. Anthony was well-educated, knowledgable, and had a tremendous sense of humor. We could make each other laugh for hours, which I will truly miss.

I went for the first time to "the Feast" in Little Italy last year with Anthony. I also recorded my first podcast with Anthony. The topic, of course, was movies. I had the honor of being at his daughter's first communion party at his Mom's house in Queens. We also watched the Oscar's there, in February. Even last week we saw Scorsese's latest film 'The Departed' at Kips Bay.

Anthony and I talked a lot about movies, publishing, the old times working together at UEM, family, and life in general. He has been there for me- since the old days and recently when my father got sick. It is a very sad week here for all of us. He was a good friend.
Michael and Paul,
What did he die from? My God, I feel terrible. Does he have a family?
As a friend of Anthony's for the past 23 years (we met as freshmen journalism majors at NYU), I was deeply saddened to learn of his sudden passing from an apparent heart attack on Wednesday.

Anthony's knowledge of film and the film world was unsurpassed by anyone I've ever known personally and as a result I always took a huge measure of satisfaction when I would beat him year-in and year-out on the oscar pools during annual parties at his home on Oscar night. My wins, of course were not much more than dumb luck (I never had a scintilla of the film knowledge he had), but I would rib him endlessly anyway.

I will sorely miss him.
To the one who asked if he had family. Anthony is survived by his mother and his 2 children Rachel & David ages 9 and 6. He passed from a massive coronary. Thank you for your kind sentiments.

Why would God take away someone who had so much more to offer? It's hard to understand.
I have his book and the first issue of Visions Magazine. I remember the article he wrote for the Tablet about being a godfather.
He wrote with great passion and love for life. He was a wonderful person and I am glad he touched my life. I will miss him.
This is just so unfair. Anthony has touched my life in a way that no other human being has ever done before. It's hard to accept that I will never be able to talk to him again. My thoughts and prayers go out to his mother and young children. May God give them the strenght they need to be able to move forward in their lives.
Rest in peace Anthony.
I am writing this just after returning Anthony's funeral mass. I wish I could take away the heartache from his Mom and children. I will pray for them everyday. I'm still trying to make sense of the whole thing. Rest in peace Anthony. I will always remember you.
(Published in Variety)

Anthony P. Montesano
Entertainment journalist

Entertainment journalist Anthony P. Montesano died in New York of a heart attack on Oct. 25. He was 40.

A graduate of NYU, he started his publishing career at American Film magazine, eventually editing the publication for several years.

While at CMP Media in Manhattan, he developed and published the entertainment industry publications Visions, Sony Network, Sony SoundByte, CineGear Expo News, Park City Digital Report (for the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals), the Tribeca Film Festival Digital Report (published with The Village Voice), and Telluride Film Festival Digital Report.

His articles on film, music, television and entertainment technology appeared in publications including American Film, Millimeter, Variety's On Production, Cinefantastique, Imagi-Movies, Femme Fatale, Producer, Markee, Video Systems, Post, and the New York Daily News.

He is survived by two children and his mother.
Monty was a good friend. We last spoke 2 weeks ago, and he was upbeat about the future and how well his new magazine Forest Hills Celebrity & Entertainment was going. We talked about working together.

His sudden and unexpected death reminds me of a film that I would have loved to discuss with him. It's New York Doll, about Arthur Kane, the bass player in the early punk band, and how he hit bottom and only recently started rebuilding his life. He had ound happiness in the Mormon church. In summer 2004 he was granted his wish to play with his old band again. After returning from London (with a New York gig scheduled in a few weeks), Arthur went back to work at the library. He felt ill and was taken to the hospital, where he was discovered to have an advanced case of leukemia. He died hours later. But Arthur, like Monty, achieved something before he left us. He also set an example to me of how to be a good dad. I'm proud to have known him.

Larry Jaffee
I am so sorry to hear of Anthony's passing, I spoke with him on the phone the day before he passed. He was so excited about the success of the magazine and the plans he had for it. I am going to miss that contagious laugh of his
I enjoy reading your stories of your last conversations with him.
Can anyone upload a picture of him to this site?
On the Sunday before Anthony passed, I dropped off a birthday gift for him with his Mom. Knowing that he had a great sense of humor, I gave him a bottle of Geritol and welcomed him to the Forties. His Mom said he laughed when he opened it. I can hear that laugh now. His always said I had a great sense of humor and thought I was strange because I didn't own a Billy Joel album.("How could you not own a Billy Joel album, the man is a genius"). I was blessed to have known him. His Mom knows if she needs anything she can always count on me,I'm just a phone call away.

I would like to know if the Forest Hills Celebrity & Entertainment Magazine will be available. I'd like to read it.

Silberg: Please email me Thanks!

It has been a little over a month since Anthony died. It is still so hard to believe. I always enjoyed his boyish charm this time of year. He loved the holidays. I miss him.
I know what you mean anonymous#1. Nothing is the same without him. I miss him also.

I know what you mean anonymous#1. Nothing is the same without him. I miss him also.

Sorry folks I didn't realize I posted twice.

Does anyone know how Anthony's Mom and children are?
Anthony's mother is not doing well. Anthony's X wife is not letting her see her Grandchildren. I am shocked how selfish this woman is and is NOT acting in the best interest of her children.
Anthony often told me how selfish she was, but I can't believe she would do that to his Mom or her own kids for that matter.
I find myself coming back to this sight often. Anthony would have had a succesful new year.
I find myself doing the same thing. I still can't believe he's gone.
I can't believe he is gone either. I say these words everday. His mom is living a mothers' worse nightmare. I ache for her and his children.
It's not bad enough this women lost her son,but because of the selfishness of his ex-wife she's also lost her only grandchildren. We can only pray she stops thinking of herself and think about what she's doing to her children and to their grandmother.
Someone needs to smack his ex-wife around and make sure she lets Anthony's kids see their grandmother.

We need a Luco Brazzi to do the job...a reference Anthony would appreciate...
Anthonys' mom should contact a lawyer. There have been many cases where grandparents are getting visitation rights
I have been looking into to it. I've found some names of lawyers that specialize in the field of grandparents rights and also bought a book for her. I wish I was able to do more, but I hope it helps.
Your helping her when she really needs it. If it helps her to see the children then you've done everything.
I wish Anthony were still here in person. I've found myself thinking about him recently. It's really too bad that he had to go so young. I wish all of his friends good health and peace in 2007. -Mike
Please do not discuss Anthony's children and visitation on this blog. Thanks.
No harm was meant in my question. I simply asked out of concern.
We are all concerned about Anthony's family. I don't see the harm in letting the truth be known for once and for all.
It has been 3 mos today that Anthony has past. I still find it hard to believe. I miss him.
Dear Anonymous(s),
Anyone reading this probably cared very deeply for Anthony and misses him enough to look at this site. But, just as you wish to keep your very identity private, I'm sure Anthony would have wanted details (very possibly over-simplified details at that) kept private. You never saw him post anything about his children or the relationship with his ex on a site for all to read. Ever. I have spoken to his mother and these comments do not at all reflect her feelings or attitudes and she extremely distraught that anyone would see fit to not only broadcast private things but to characterize them in a way that presumes to reflect what she's feeling and thinking. I promise you she realizes the situation is complicated and she wants to work it out in a way that hurts nobody. And I think that's about all anybody needs to post on a web site about something that directly affects none of us.
I can't speak for anyone else, but I meant absolutly no harm to Anthonys' mom. I was just asking out of concern, that's all.
Spring is hear, the birds are chirping, the days are longer and I continue to think about Anthony and how he should be with us to enjoy yet another Spring.
Happy Easter Anthony..........
I miss you.
Anthony was right about many things.
Anthony, we haven't forgotten you.
You will always be in my heart. I miss you lots.
Always in my memories......
Merry Xmas Anthony.You're forever in our hearts.
Hey old friend. I can't believe its been almost five years since we last talked. I still remember having your 40th birthday card in my briefcase when I saw you last on your way to see your kids, and I still remember that punched in the stomach feeling when they told me you were gone. Words can never express the love and friendship I had for you. You were my best friend and my mentor. We were and still are a team, and I just want you to know that even after five years, I still miss you. I hope you have internet up there and you've been keeping track of what we've done with the magazine. I've tried my best, and believe me it hasn't been easy all on my own. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that i've taken good care of what we started, and I'll never forget you.

Your friend always,

Remembering you on your birthday, my friend.
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