Monday, October 09, 2006


Superman II, Again?

In hopes of being considered some long lost cinematic treasure, Richard Donner's version of Superman II -- a film he all but completed shooting before being fired and replaced by Richard Lester (can anyone say Exorcist: The Beginning?) -- is now being released on DVD. The question is: Why? Who really cares? (It's not like seeing footage of Back to the Future starring Eric Stolz instead of Michael J. Fox. Now THAT would be interesting!) Plus, if rumors swirling around this version are true, it might have been better if left buried. Not that the Lester film is a work of art. But I hear tell that Superman once again solves things in the new version by once again...yes...reversing time. That was the single worst aspect of the first film. To repeat it would be a disaster. Plus, there has been no heat off the newest entry to the series, Superman Returns. So why release this new version of Superman II now? Will I see it? As a curiosity, I think I will. But I expect very little. The Lester version is flawed. (It's filled will silly stuff which makes absolutely no sense, even in the Superman universe.) This Donner version sounds just as flawed (if not more). Is it possible to make a great Superman film? I don't think Donner's newly unearthed version of part II will answer that question affirmatively.

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